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Remembering different passwords is often difficult, hence users often use the same password for different websites. But there is a great danger that someone will find out this "universal password" and then suddenly have access to all accounts. So your password should be strong enough and has to be different for each website to achieve the highest possible level of security for your data. 

Password Generator: Things you should keep in Mind

  • Use passwords with upper and lower case letters and numbers and ideally also special characters
  • Pay attention to an appropriate length - short passwords can be determined faster
  • Do not use simple words, eg from a dictionary, as they are already known
  • Your own name, that of your pet or relatives, names of celebrities or cities, or your own dates of birth are completely unsuitable
  • A password made up of sentences where the first letter of a word is used, for example, is easier to remember
  • "speaking" password should also contain special characters and numbers
  • Do not write down passwords on pieces of paper and store them in a visible place, but use appropriate password manager programs.
  • Use Password Strength Checkers to know how strong your password is.

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