Password strength checker


There are now many ways to generate a password online using a random number generator. However, some users insist on choosing their own password - because the proposed variants are too cryptic and therefore not easy to memorize.

In order to be able to assess security or insecurity despite this, there is still the option of carrying out a password check.

The principle is very simple: Users select a password checker and, by entering their password, check how good it is. Different factors are taken into account. As a result, you will receive an analysis – often with information about where there is room for improvement. Since there are no set standards for what makes a really good password, the assessments vary accordingly.

A password check does not have to be done online - you can also check the password you have chosen yourself by checking the usual criteria for a secure password :

  • Does the password consist of at least eight characters?
  • Are upper and lower case letters as well as special characters and numbers included?
  • Are they cryptic combinations instead of closed terms?
  • Have you avoided using umlauts and similar characters?

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